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Collaboration Meets Knowledge Management

Companies derive 80% of their value from just 20% of their products, customers or ideas. Information is power, but interpretation is more powerful. Learn how with WSN Insight.

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Interpretation of Information is Power

WSN Insight is a Content Enabled Vertical Application, (CEVA) for SharePoint that provides companies with a streamlined corporate collaborative platform. Businesses want to do more than just capture, archive, and classify content. They want to leverage and enhance their business with this content. WSN Insight is designed to enable organizations to innovate and leverage the wealth of Intellectual Property, (IP) that is already stored on their networks.

Business Problems that WSN Insight Solves

Successful companies need every employee in every position to be an innovator or they risk being sidelined. Innovation is not a task, project, or something you produce at an offsite meeting. Innovation happens every day and needs to be a constant mindset and perspective. WSN Insight helps companies transform to this new paradigm by leveraging social network concepts available through SharePoint and adding new capabilities to revolutionize the way businesses communicate.

Even small companies struggle to effectively collaborate and the cost of traditional methods such as meetings, webinars & conference calls coupled with the time investment it takes to get employees together causes companies to sacrifice the ability to leverage & tap into the organizational IP. The quality of information derived from traditional communication channels is often lost and diminishes as the information gets filtered through to upper management.

WSN Insight allows businesses to rapidly change in their industry making it less difficult to predict where synergies among divisions might merge. Companies need to be flexible in executing business strategies. WSN Insight enables companies to unlock, leverage & enhance the business wealth of IP already stored on their network and to better interpret the value of information within the companies’ repositories. It’s extremely easy to use, and allows Virtual and Large Scale Collaboration.

Leveraged SharePoint Features

Enterprise Search, MySite Profiles, Document Libraries, Lists, Content Ratings, Term Sets, Bing Decision Engine Integration, .Net Development Platform


Using WSN Insight is no more difficult than preparing an email. It holds a few more pieces of information and by combining this information while leveraging the capabilities of SharePoint, WSN Insight provides a Research & Collaboration tool that enables content within your organization to become more useful. Jump in and start a conversation! You will find the conversations to be very easy to follow, enabling your companies’ content to become active.

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