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part•ner (noun) One that is united or associated with another or others in an activity or a sphere of common interest

WSN strongly believes that the Client relationship does not end after installation.  We service our Client's to maintain their technology investments by offering many options for service and support.  We assist our Client's in defining the most economical means of support for their business, whether it's by phone, on site or remotely managed.

Our online support options include an integrated trouble ticket system which is tied into our alerting and monitoring procedures. It improves our certified engineers’ productivity and helps provide a single source to manage our clients support requirements, giving us the ability to fulfill our service level agreements (SLAs).
Our Help Desk services offer a reliable, centralized resource for troubleshooting and repairing computer problems; managing IT requests; and tracking job progress so you can stay focused on business initiatives instead of spending time worrying about computer repair.

Respond to user technical problems faster and more reliably
Reduce costs associated with hiring, training and maintaining internal IT support staff
Gain access to highly-trained IT experts when you need them
Better manage IT trouble-spots and pinpoint frequent technical problems
Extended Help Desk support available for after hours and holidays.

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